Memoirs build connections on a soul level

I just re-read parts of The Dream Alchemist this morning, and it’s still my most beloved piece of work!

When I first sat down to write this book I wasn’t sure whether or not it would be best to make it into more of a fictional creation with some true elements here and there, or to go for the full memoir version. The latter option won in the end, which I am very happy about today. A true story told from the heart opens up possibilities for connecting with audiences on a beautiful soul level. Furthermore, for me personally, the process of writing this story was probably as powerful as the journey itself (if not more!).

The Dream Alchemist tells the story of an intrepid journey to India – with adventures in a small ashram, a blissful temple, special trips on the Indian countryside, and enchanting conversations with dasas (and the odd monkey!). It’s a loving book about spiritual growth, inner empowerment, and wondrous travels.

To learn more about The Dream Alchemist (Ars Metaphysica/Sunbury Press) or to read a sample, please click here!

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