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Decision making time – feel how you would like to feel!

We all find ourselves in moments of doubt from time to time. There are days when we just don’t know the way forward. We are faced with a big decision and feel uncertain about which direction to choose. We’re not sure how our choice would play out, and what the consequence would be not only in our own lives, but also in the lives of our loved ones.

You are one of seven billion people on this planet, so if you are contemplating on a decision right now, chances are pretty high you are not alone! Going through moments of doubt – and making decisions is a big part of part of our soul growth!

When I was younger I would keep moving from country to country, and my decisions always felt so enormous and life changing – and yes, they were. What I didn’t realize at the time however is how most of our decisions are pretty big. I was definitely not alone. We all go through this!

I think the moments of doubt and confusion is where we grow the most. After all, it is in these verybmoments we that we take the time to really listen to ourselves, which in turn helps us feel more connected.

There are times when there may just not be an answer, and that’s okay too. The best we can do in those times is to surrender to the present moment, accept where we are, and visualize how we would like to feel once the decision has been made. The best gift we can give ourselves at that time is to float around in that feeling – and attract experiences that will match that state!

There is no way of fully knowing how tomorrow will evolve. What we can do however is steering our lives in a certain direction, build expertise in areas we feel passionate about, connecting with people we care about and who fascinates us, experience as much as possible, exploring new knowledge, and living life to the fullest – visualizing our lives where we would like to be.

With Love & Gratitude,

Anna-Karin, xo

Anna-Karin Bjorklund, M.A., is the author of Dream Guidance: Interpret Your Dreams and Create the Life You Desire! Her latest book, The Dream Alchemist, is released on November 14, 2017! She loves sharing her passion for dreams and soul growth with audiences near and far, and has made expert appearances on Fox & Friends, and the Steve Harvey TV Show on NBC, and been interviewed by Money Magazine, Women’s Running Magazine, Yours, Marie Claire UK and other media outlets.


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