Dream Expert Anna-Karin Bjorklund

Good Sleep 101: A Daily Dedication

A good night’s sleep to me is sacred. It is a daily practice, and going to bed later than 12PM is so rare for me these days that I would say the only times that may happen is if I’m traveling in different time zones, or have the pleasure of attending an outstanding New Year’s Eve party!

Most days I’m actually in bed around 9.30PM, and aim to fall asleep by 10.30-11PM. This is now a way of living for me. If I happen to be out at a function, or enjoying a celebration at a restaurant I may stay up a little bit later, but it would be extremely rare for me to stay up later than 11PM just because it’s the weekend.

May it be Monday or Saturday, I honor my sleep every day of the week. This is my sacred time – dedicated to my soul growth, physical well-being, and mental reset.

Daily life puts us through so many challenges. Some days our stress levels can be outright unhealthy. Sleeping is wondrous for any type of situation. Whatever the problem, it will feel better after a good night’s sleep. The problem could very well still be there, but you will have fresh new energy to deal with it. Without sleep, we tend to focus more on the negative, and feel hopeless. On top our memory suffers and we feel agitated. That is not an ideal state!

Like meditation, sleep often functions like a mental reset. We wake up with new clarity, our body is rested, our memory is boosted, our confidence is soaring, our energy levels are boosted, and we are rejuvenated with a sense of inner connection from our dream adventures. Our heart and soul are aligned, and we feel wonderful!

This is my 101 for How to get a Good Night’s Sleep:

  1. Sleeping well is a way of life. It is a daily practice. Go to bed at the same time every night.
  2. Also set a regular wake up time. Sleep cycles are the same every night. After a few weeks you will know if you need 7, 8 or 9 hours. The amount of sleep we need vary widely from person to person, but is typically between 7 and 9.
  3. If you’re not tired when going to bed, read a book or magazine. Avoid TV and electronics – the artificial light stimulates your brain.
  4. Sleep on a good mattress if possible.
  5. If your partner snores, this will disturb your sleep. Use earplugs, or sleep in a different room.
  6. If your partner moves around a lot, save up for a bigger bed – the larger the bed the less you will be impacted by his/her moves.
  7. Your bedroom is your sanctuary – makes it healing, soothing, and serene.
  8. Make your bedroom as dark as possible. If there is outdoor light – use dark curtains.
  9. If you live in a noisy environment, use earplugs. Your peace is very important.
  10. Keep a dream journal next to your bed – writing down your dreams will help you process emotions, and understand aspects of your life / yourself that you may not yet be fully aware of, or live in denial of. You may also notice areas where self-improvement is in order. Dreams also come with beautiful guidance so always take the time to listen closely to nightly messages!
  11. Honor your sleep and you will blossom! When you are rested your productivity levels increase, you feel renewed, you have more energy, you flow with radiant clarity, your memory improves, you feel confident and strong, you feel connected to yourself, and believe in yourself, and ready to take on the day!

Goodnight & Sweet Dreams!

Love & Gratitude,

Anna-Karin, xo

Anna-Karin Bjorklund, M.A.

Anna-Karin Bjorklund is a Therapist (MFTI) in Newport Beach, California, and the Author of Dream Guidance: Interpret Your Dreams and Create the Life You Desire! She loves sharing her joy and passion for dreams and soul growth, and has been interviewed by Money Magazine and Marie Claire UK, and has also appeared on Fox & Friends, and the Steve Harvey TV Show on NBC.





Author of Dream Guidance: Interpret Your Dreams and Create the Life You Desire!



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