In your Dreams!

Magnificent adventures in majestic dream realms…is there anything more intriguing? I was mesmerized by my dreams already as a young child.  They inspired me, and filled me with fascination from top to toe. I just knew they were there to help me somehow. More than anything, they helped me see how there is more to life than meets the eye.

Our dreams are complex – and often make little sense when we take a quick glance at them. Dreams do not necessarily follow a traditional time life – which makes sense since dreams occur in a state where we are outside of time and space.

One thing is clear. Our dreams are here to help us in one way or the other along our journey of soul growth. Small or big, they all facilitate insight, higher awareness, and a sense of connection to something bigger. Some dreams help us reach higher understanding about ourselves, whereas others help us view life situations and relationships from new perspectives. Some dreams come with beautiful guidance, and every now and then we may even be blessed by a visit from a soul who has transitioned – those types of dreams are often filled with pure love!

I like to think of our dreams as helping us on four levels:

Self-Knowledge: These are the dreams that help us understand ourselves on a deeper level, and why we do what we do. What is the underlying fear? What is the emotional pattern?

Awareness:  Many dreams help us with emotional processing of daily events, and our interactions with others, and help us become more aware of what’s really going on.

Direction, Intuition and Guidance: Some dreams are filled with unique messages just for you, you can also ask your dreams for guidance before going to bed!

Connection with other Souls: Some dreams take us on real journeys to meet with loved ones who may have transitioned – filling us with love and connection.

I think more than anything, I love looking at dreams as beautiful avenues for higher self-knowledge and self-acceptance. Our dreams help us honor, love and cherish who we truly are – which is the golden key to feeling good. Because how can we possibly understand, accept and love ourselves if we don’t fully know ourselves!

With Love & Gratitude,

Anna-Karin, xo

Anna-Karin Bjorklund, M.A.

Anna-Karin Bjorklund is a Therapist (MFTI) in Newport Beach, California, and the Author of Dream Guidance: Interpret Your Dreams and Create the Life You Desire! She loves sharing her joy and passion for dreams and soul growth, and has been interviewed by Money Magazine and Marie Claire UK, and has also appeared on Fox & Friends, and the Steve Harvey TV Show on NBC.

Author of Dream Guidance: Interpret Your Dreams and Create the Life You Desire!



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